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It’s our birthday! In the past 10 years, we’ve grown from a small start-up to the lead peer-to-peer carsharing company in the Netherlands.

In the past 10 years we:

Prevented the production of

123 152

new cars

Prevented the release of

1 878 947

tons of CO2

Freed up

80 693

parking spots


339 687

unique social interactions

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"Det var en toppenbil att hyra och Tove var en toppenbra uthyrare, allt va tydligt och gick smidigt. Skulle hyra igen om behöver."

Joakim rented the Mercedes-Benz from Tove

Rent a car through SnappCar and enjoy all the benefits:

Great insurance

With the extended insurance of Allianz you are covered for damages that occur during a booking.

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24/7 roadside assistance

Our support team is always there for you! We can provide support or replacement transport, anywhere in Europe. This way, you can safely continue your trip.

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A trustworthy community

SnappCar always carefully checks the identity and online data of every new user to provide a trustworthy community.

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Financially attractive

Renting a SnappCar is 30-50% cheaper than renting via a regular car rental company.

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